In the shade of a century-old Banyan tree from which hang handwoven rattan lights, are white picnic tables. It is here that you can taste the smokey, flavourful cuisine of Creole Smokehouse. Wait until you see the Rum Treehouse...

Pop-up dining experience

Creole Smokehouse takes dinners on a culinary adventure inspired by local ingredients and spices–but revisited for the discerning, modern palate. On your plate you’ll find grilled catch-of-the-day, lobster, melt-off-the-bone meats, fish soup, flavourful curries, and original combinations of ingredients such as grilled pineapple with coriander ice cream. Go all out on the tropical front and climb up our Rum Treehouse, a wooden cabana where a dizzying menu of rums await.


Opening Hours

  • Two days a week

Dress code

  • As relaxing as a holiday is, we ask that you wear a cover-up over swimwear at our daytime restaurants. In the evening, an island chic wardrobe is a must!

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