Tucked away in the shade of the old Banyan is a little wooden shack: BB’s. The best gourmet burgers in town.

Gourmet Burger Shack

Nothing says summer quite like the sizzling noise of a juicy burger on a fired-up grill. It seems that everyone has their idea of what makes up the perfect burger. So whether you’re the grilled cheese type or the pickle guy, we’ve got your back. Vegan? We have plant-based patties to satisfy your burger cravings too. Don’t even like burgers? Try out hot dogs. BB’s is located under the Banyan, right across from Creole Smokehouse and the Adult-only pool. Little Travellers, we have burgers for you too!


Opening Hours

  • Lunch

    12:30 - 17:00

Dress code

  • Relaxed during daytime.

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