So, what makes Ai KISU so spectacular? Certainly the ambience. But also the iconic and always delicious food that will take you on a wild journey across Asia.

Specialty Restaurant & Bar

The Ai KISU experience pulls you in from the moment you step inside: the walls are adorned with modern Japanese art, chefs inside the open kitchen fire up sinfully delectable dishes inspired by the many cuisines of Asia, a soya sauce sommelier passes through the tables, eclectic dishes are served alongside exquisite cocktails. The show-stopping Warayaki straw fire cooking adds to the heat of the atmosphere. The other showstopper is the sunken views of the pool, at level with Ai KISU. The stylish and sophisticated dining destination is where you end up having too much fun to leave.


Opening Hours

  • Dinner & Bar

    18:30 - 22:30

Dress code

  • Our dress code is smart and elegant for both ladies and gentlemen. Gentlemen are requested to be in full trousers and covered shoes. No flip-flops, please.

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