There’s East, our exquisite Thai restaurant, led by the master hands of the chef Suksan Supprasert. Then there’s The Kitchen, our main restaurant which caters to all palates with its variety. Don’t let the variety fool you though; we’ve figured out how to embrace that Zero Food Waste lifestyle. Vik’s is where you can pop by for a Ti Punch rum drink and fresh-from-the-lagoon urchin. ICI is our artisanal ice cream ‘parlour’. Keen on Green is made for those who love their greens and veggies. As for that twig of rosemary in your gin tonic? It’s from our herb garden. Some nights, we set up a whole island kitchen on the beach so you can sample our country’s delicious flavours. Had a late night? Stop for a macchiato at our café. Served with pastries. Obviously.

Japanese Omakase Restaurant

Kawaii is an invitation to explore Japan’s uniquely delicate flavours in the hands of our Chef at our 8-seat Omakase sushi bar.

Gastronomic Thai Restaurant

Thai food is big on flavour. Spicy, funky, and sweet. Vibrant. Yes, that’s another good adjective to describe the cuisine loved by many.

Café & Bar

Think of Maison LUX* as your ever-well-dressed, effortlessly chic best friend. Italian. Possibly French. 


You’ve made it. You’re here in the tropics. What better way to celebrate than at our chic, tropical bar?

Beach Restaurant

The name says it all. The Beach is a true Mediterranean escape, the perfect place to dine while savoring that unbeatable west coast weather.

Main Restaurant

The Kitchen is our main restaurant. In other words, it’s where you’ll likely spend most of your meals (unless you develop an addiction to Thai food at East, which is understandable). 

Fisherman’s Shack

08:00 - 20:00

As you walk barefoot down the beach, keep your eyes open for a tiny but chic fisherman’s shack. There, you’ll bump into Vik–a friendly face of LUX* Le Morne. One of those people you meet and feel like you’ve known forever. Vik loves the sea more than anything. And he knows it better than anyone. Curious about tasting sea urchin? Vik is your guy. Stop by his place for a taste of rum arrangé, local rum that is left to macerate for months with spices or tropical fruit. Taste freshly-caught sea urchin with a squeeze of lemon, and why not a glass of bubbly. After all, you’re on holiday, and in the tropics no less!

Ice Cream Parlor

12:00 - 17:00

If you’ve stayed with us before, there’s a very good chance you’ve tasted our ICI ice cream–our very own in-house ice cream brand. It’s homemade using the simplest, freshest ingredients. It’s loved by everyone, especially our Little Travellers. It’s refreshing on a hot summer’s day. It tastes best eaten by the swimming pool or under a coconut tree. Flavours range from classic to creative. And yes, we serve dairy-free and sorbets too.

Our plant-based concept

An imported carrot has travelled thousands of miles, consuming millions of liters in fuel to reach your plate. We can do better than that, don’t you think? Yeah, we think so too. That’s why we challenged our chefs to think about how we can source more thoughtfully and make food a force for good. That’s how Keen on Green came to be. In our kitchens, we prepare delicious plant-based dishes that let the produce shine through, and connect you to the people and stories behind each ingredient. Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan (yet), we hope that you are keen on trying the dishes labelled in green.

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