In the mood for a cup of coffee? But not just any coffee? We’ve got you covered.


Did you know that in Yunnan we like to drink barley coffee? We roast, grind, and infuse the ancient grain but more on that later when you visit us. We also have all your favourite ‘regular’ coffees made with our special blend: cappuccinos, lattes, americanos… We’ve got your caffeine fix covered. Your sugar cravings too, thanks to our pastries we’ve carefully sourced from our favourite pastry shoppe in Shangri-La. Our barista will gladly pour you a cup to go, which you can take to the courtyard with a good book, or on an adventure!


Opening Hours

  • Café

    08:00 - 20:00

Dress code

  • You're on holiday, a time to relax. Come as you are, but as a courtesy to other guests, please no flip-flops!

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