LUX* Saint Gilles has something for everyone. For those in the mood for a laid-back day of island relaxation, there are plenty of sun-dappled spots where you can simply soak up the island ambience or slip into the coral-swept lagoon for a lazy swim. For the more adventurous, the island and resort has no shortage of exhilarating activities to get your pulse racing.

Helicopter Ride

Take an awe-inspiring tour of the island by helicopter, and discover the captivating scenery and ever-changing landscape that Reunion Island has to offer. Take to the skies for a 'must-do' 45-minutes flight experience and admire breathtaking views over the most active volcano in the world, Piton de la Fournaise. Fly over the volcano. Discover the amazing naturally high ramparts and the steep relief of the 3 cirques (Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos), dive in the incredible iron hole, let the view of the rivers and waterfalls freshen you up, admire the lagoon and its turquoise waters… a real journey in just one flight! VENUE - Saint Gilles DEPARTURE TIME - 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 WHAT TO WEAR - Comfortable clothes TARIFF (EUR) -
55 min : 349 €/adult, 299 €/child
45 min : 309 €/adult, 264 €/child WHAT TO BRING -  Sunglasses and camera WHERE TO MEET - Reception DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Everyday (depending on weather conditions)


If soaring high in the sky is your thing, Reunion Island is the place for you. It's not down to chance that Reunion Island was chosen to host the paragliding world cup! Its hugely diverse landscapes, and exceptional sites from the sea to the mountains plus year-long optimal winds, make the island perfect for paragliding. And to start your free flying experience, nothing beats a tandem flight with professionals. VENUE - Saint-Leu DEPARTURE TIME - From 8:00 to 11:30 WHAT TO WEAR - Trainers, trousers, sweatshirt TARIFF (EUR) - 90€/adult - 70€/child WHAT TO BRING - Camera WHERE TO MEET - On the beach of Saint-Leu, next to Kelonia DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day (dependant on weather)

Discover the Wild South by 4X4

Explore the UNESCO approved terrain of the island by 4x4 and experience some of the Island's most spectacular scenery, only accessible by heading off-road. Begin your trip early and explore the Piton de la Fournaise, with its strikingly diverse volcanic landscapes. Then, head to the wild south, following the road of sea spray and spices, through unique multi-coloured landscapes. DEPARTURE TIME - 7:00 WHAT TO WEAR - Comfortable clothes, trainers, sweatshirt TARIFF (EUR) - 125€/adult - 70€/children
Excursion to Volcano and Sud Sauvage - 125€/adult - 70€/children WHAT TO BRING -  Camera, sun protection, hat WHERE TO MEET - Reception DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Depending on request

Hikers Paradise

In the mood to explore a hikers paradise, Reunion Island's outdoor playground, covering 2,500 KM² , boasts over 900 KM of marked trails, suitable for both complete novices or pros. Pull on your boots and traverse an incredibly diverse landscape with breathtaking beauty. Hike through dense rain forest in the east; savannah or sugar cane  fields in the west, lunar landscapes at the volcanoes; shoreline trails and lush national parks. WHAT TO WEAR - Hiking clothes, walking boots or trainers, hat WHAT TO BRING - Sun and rain protection, warm sweatshirt, water, picnic


The Ultimate sport for the adrenaline junkie: challenge yourself and experience the very best of canyoning. With more than 70 canyons on offer, and thousands of lakes, waterfalls and natural slides, Reunion Island offers the journey of a lifetime with breathtaking scenery, tropical forests and natural springs. Canyoning course routes are expertly adapted to the level of each individual to ensure a rich and enjoyable experience. DEPARTURE TIME - 08:00 WHAT TO WEAR - Swimsuit, waterproof shoes, spare clothes and shoes TARIFF (EUR) -  From 55€ to 85€/person dependant on level and duration WHAT TO BRING - Water, sun protection, swimsuit, towel, spare clothes WHERE TO MEET - You will be advised depending on the canyon DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day


Tamarind forests, sugar-cane fields, river beds, sand paths, and volcanic rocks are all on offer for mountain bikers in Reunion Island. With over 300 kilometres of mountain biking trails up for grabs, take to the saddle and challenge yourself. With a huge variety of routes on offer for the beginner or experienced, as well as our trained professionals on hand, Reunion Island offers something for everyone. VENUE - Saint-Gilles DEPARTURE TIME - 07:30 WHAT TO WEAR - Trousers, trainers, sweatshirt TARIFF (EUR) -
Classic : 65€,
Sports : 85€,
Expert : 90€ WHAT TO BRING - Sun and rain protection, warm sweatshirt, water WHERE TO MEET - Saint-Gilles DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day

Lava Tunnels Exploration

One of the most unique experiences on offer in Reunion Island, explore the underground lava tunnels caused by the 2010 eruption. Providing a fun learning experience for explorers of all ages, follow a speleologist through the tunnels and discover the lava tube walls. VENUE - Saint-Philippe DEPARTURE TIME - 8:00 or 13:00 WHAT TO WEAR -  Long trousers, trainers TARIFF (EUR) & AGE GROUP - 50€ / adult - 35€ / children WHAT TO BRING - Small bag, water, camera WHERE TO MEET - On the lava Flow DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day (dependant on weather)


Game, set and match! Take a break from the ocean and enjoy perfecting your backhand on one of our professional tennis courts-floodlit for those that prefer to play in the evening. Our team members are on-hand to arrange matches or organise one-to-one tuition. VENUE - Hotel tennis court DEPARTURE TIME - From 08.00 to 22:00 WHAT TO WEAR - Shorts, trainers, T-Shirt TARIFF (EUR) & AGE GROUP - Complimentary activity WHERE TO MEET - At the club house DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day


Yoga plays an integral role in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and forms a key component of LUX* Me. Available in group classes, as part of our vitality experience or as a 1 to 1 session, learn how to use yoga to improve your wellbeing and flexibility. VENUE - At the hotel DEPARTURE TIME - Saturday at 17:00 , Sunday at 09:00 WHAT TO WEAR - Comfortable fitness gear, shorts and t-shirts TARIFF (EUR) & AGE GROUP - Complimentary activity WHERE TO MEET - Wellness center DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Saturday and Sunday Note: Reservation required at the Reception or Wellness Center.


Experience the unique underwater world of Reunion Island, offering some of the world's best dive sites and colourful reefs boasting an abundance of marine life. With crystal clear water all year round, and varied dive sites thriving with marine life and colourful tropical fish, everything in Reunion calls for diving. VENUE - Saint-Gilles DEPARTURE TIME - early morning or early afternoon WHAT TO WEAR - Wetsuit (provided) TARIFF (EUR) - 75€ / person WHAT TO BRING - Sun protection, hat, water WHERE TO MEET - At the Port of Saint-Gilles DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day dependant on weather conditions


Thanks to the coral reef bordering its Western Coast, Reunion Island boasts a protected lagoon and perfect environment for snorkellers to discover the rich underwater scenery and remarkable biodiversity during an underwater hike. Launch yourself over breathtaking coral and swim amongst colourful reef fish in the sheltered lagoon. Look out for Pennentfish, Butterflyfish, Squirrelfish, Angelfish, Unicornfish and so much more... VENUE - At the hotel DEPARTURE TIME - Anytime WHAT TO WEAR - Swimming gear, sun protection DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day (dependant on weather)

Big-Game Fishing

You'll be hooked. Challenge yourself during your stay and discover the joys of big-game fishing in the stunning waters of Reunion Island. Drop your line and see what bites... Swordfish, sailfish. blue, striped or black marlins, sharks, mahi-mahi, yellow tunafish, wahoos and barracudas are all often caught. You won't be allowed to keep your catch but feel free to take a snap to remember your catch of the day! VENUE - Port of Saint-Gilles DEPARTURE TIME - early morning or early afternoon WHAT TO WEAR - Shorts, T-Shirt, flip flops, sweatshirt in winter (June to September) TARIFF (EUR) - 130€ / person WHAT TO BRING - Sun protection, hat WHERE TO MEET - At the Port of Saint-Gilles, free transfer available DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day


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