Spirituality Along the Tea Horse Road
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This journey speaks to the travellers and seekers who crave meaningful connections and going deep into Nature.

The incredible (surreal even!) take-your-breathe-away landscapes paired with the long-standing traditions and rituals of Yunnan's ethnic minorities make this region one of China's most spiritual. From a private tour of Yunnan's largest Tibetan monastery perched at 3,000m to encounters with the Lama over a cup of pipping hot yak butter tea to trekking through Niding forest and gathering around a hotpot with the local community, you'll embark on a journey that will open your eyes and heart.

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Layer 1
Day 1
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 1
Lijiang Old Town

Arrival at Lijiang airport. Explore the pedestrian-only charming old town, a Unesco World Heritage site. Sleep at LUX* Lijiang.

Layer 1
Day 2
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 2
Baoshan Stone Town

Scenic 3h30-drive to Baoshan Stone Town, a tiny Naxi town on the edge of a cliff overlooking Jinsha river. Sleep at LUX* Stone Town.

Layer 1
Day 3
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 3
Daju's Farmlands

Scenic 2h30-drive to Daju Village, where you'll experience the Naxi way of life. Stay at LUX* Daju Village.

Layer 1
Day 4
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 4
Tiger leaping gorge boat trip

After cruising the gorges, drive to Shangri-La for a behind-the-scenes visit of the Songzanlin Monastery and tea with the monks.

Layer 1
Day 5
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 5
The gateway to Tibetan culture

Scenic 3h30-drive through the truly stunning Balagezong Valley up to Benzilan. Sleep at LUX* Benzilan, our stylish lodge-style retreat.

Layer 1
Day 6
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 6
Hikes and hotpots

Explore Niding Village with its traditional Tibetan architecture and hike in the forest before enjoying a Naxi hotpot in the woods. Sleep at LUX* Benzilan.

Layer 1
Day 7
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 7
Slow-living in Peach Valley

Scenic 3h30 road trip to the peaceful Peach Valley. Tea ceremony amidst the peach orchard. Sleep at LUX* Peach Valley.

Layer 1
Day 8
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 8

One-hour drive to Sangushui. Enjoy a tea ritual and activities around the hotel. Sleep at LUX* Sangushui.

Layer 1
Day 9
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 9
At the heart of Naxi Culture

One-hour drive to buzzing Lijiang with a halt at Baisha, the original Naxi capital, and Yulong Snow Mountain. Sleep at LUX* Lijiang.

Layer 1
Day 10
spirituality-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 10
Lijiang Old Town

Explore the pedestrian historic town before departing from the Lijiang airport.

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