A Culinary Journey along the Tea Horse Road
6 Nights
4 Retreats
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Embark on a culinary journey, tasting your way through Yunnan's beloved dishes.

The colourful taste of Yunnanese cuisine is an attraction in itself. Embark on a culinary journey, tasting your way through Yunnan's most beloved dishes. Discovering the region through its flavours will take you inside the humble abode of the Buddhist monks of a monastery for yak butter tea to mushroom foraging in the wild forest of Niding and dinner around a steaming Tibetan hotpot. Travel is all about the food in our books.

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Layer 1
Day 1
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 1
Mythical Shangri-La

Arrival at Shangri-La airport. Check-in to LUX* Shangri-La, at the buzzing heart of the ancient Tibetan town.

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Day 2
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 2
Tea time with a Buddhist monk

Tea with the monks of Songzanlin monastery. Cheese fondue at Napa Lake. Drive to Benzilan.

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Day 3
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 3
Mushroom foraging in Niding forest

Hike the pristing Niding forest and pick mushrooms for a Tibetan hotpot.

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Day 4
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 4
Daju's Farmland

2h-drive to Daju Village. Harvest summer fruits with a local farmer. Traditional Naxi stone barbecue for dinner.

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Day 5
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 5
Explore Lijiang Old Town

2h-drive to Lijiang. Tea at Café LUX*. Night out in town and dinner at a local favourite restaurant.

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Day 6
a-culinary-journey-along-the-tea-horse-road Day 6
Last day in Lijiang

Explore the historic town with its typical architecture before departing from the Lijiang airport.

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