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LUX* Me Spa, A Wellness Oasis

LUX* Grand Baie: A Wellness Oasis


Camilla Hewitt, founder of Well Curated, reviews LUX* Grand Baie’s wellness offering in Mauritius.

Located on an idyllic bay in the north of Mauritius, LUX* Grand Baie has all the elements associated with a tropical island escape: a white-sand beach, crystal-clear waters, and cool, calming interiors. However, there is more to this luxurious hotel than meets the eye. For travellers looking to incorporate wellness into their time off, LUX* Grand Baie has combined ancient healing wisdom with all-you-could-ask-for facilities to create a spa concept designed to help guests reach their full wellbeing potential. This isn’t just dipping your toe in; this is a deep dive into personalised wellness with the help of an expert team. Inspired by ancient wisdom, the three-, five-, and seven-day wellness programmes aim to match guests’ energy to air, fire, and earth to nourish the needs of the mind and body.

While most of us are likely to be an ever-changing combination of all three, identifying yourself within these elements can lead to a eureka moment in your approach to wellbeing.
LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Me spa product

LUX* Me spa product

LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Me Spa at LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Grand Baie

LUX* Me Spa at LUX* Grand Baie

Do you have fire in your belly? When in balance, fire types are focused, decisive, leaders. When imbalanced, they may struggle with irritability, impatience, indigestion, and inflammation. At LUX* Grand Baie, Wellness Manager Kerensa Langitan is on hand to help guests understand their unique blend of elements and empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to feel their best. On arrival at the LUX* Me Spa, a one-to-one consultation allows the spa team to tweak and tailor the holistic journey each guest will embark on. Every programme combines specialised mindfulness activities, relaxing spa treatments, fitness sessions, and nutritional advice based on the results of the individual analysis. While there is much in the way of take-home advice, the facilities at LUX* Grand Baie provide the perfect setting to put this new-found knowledge into practice.


Walking through the LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Me Spa hallway at LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Grand Baie

Walking through the LUX* Me Spa hallway at LUX* Grand Baie

Yoga in Niyama Studio at LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Grand Baie

Yoga in Niyama Studio at LUX* Grand Baie

For air types needing to find focus, vinyasa yoga or sound meditation in the Niyama studio is recommended. Fire elements can cool off with a guided swim in the bay, while HIIT sessions at Muscle Up on the Roof will get more lethargic earth types moving. Spa treatments are tailored to the elements too. For those dominant in air, there is a grounding hot stone massage. Earth elements can experience a renewed sense of energy from an invigorating body wrap, while a reflexology session will release tension and calm the nervous system to stabilise fire.


Gym & Fitness Centre at LUX<bdi><bdi>*</bdi></bdi> Grand Baie

Gym & Fitness Centre at LUX* Grand Baie

Muscle Up on the Roof

Muscle Up on the Roof

There is, of course, the option to stay at LUX* Grand Baie and simply enjoy the facilities without unravelling the secrets of ancient wisdom. For active guests looking to maintain their fitness, Muscle Up on the Roof offers the opportunity to continue training in a truly unique setting. The rooftop, which overlooks the horseshoe-shaped bay, has an Olympic running track and a functional fitness frame equipped with 12 workout stations. If you’re more interested in unwinding in the spa than working out under the sun, the hydrothermal bath journey, Turkish hammam, and outdoor relaxation garden make it quite possible to devote an entire day to the LUX* Me Spa. Discover LUX* Grand Baie’s wellness and fitness offering, including the LUX* ME spa.

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