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Life Extraordinary
at LUX* Grand Baie


We caught up with the three models of our latest campaign, Summer Thompson, Shenyue Ding, and Rayane Sabbagh, to find out what they love about LUX* Grand Baie and Mauritius

LUX* Grand Baie, a modernist marvel, is a labour of love by British interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE and Mauritian architect, Jean-François Adam. It is seemingly dropped onto the most postcard-perfect icing sugar beach in Grand Baie, a beach town on the island’s north shores. Its café, Maison LUX*, serves coffee by day and Negronis by night. There is a rooftop wellness space with two Olympic-size running tracks fit for an athlete. The spa's strikingly beautiful design is as calming as the treatments themselves. The architecture – a mix of jacaranda wood, concrete, metal, and thatch – is daring. There is a swim-up bar and a swing over a rooftop infinity pool. There is a soya sauce trolley at the upscale Asian restaurant, Ai KISU, and the beach villas are inspired by a designer’s holiday home. It is a place of contrasts where holiday fantasies come true. But the ones best suited to talk about the resort are the guests who experienced it. So we asked. Summer, Rayane, Shenyue, tell us, what is your favourite…


Spot to relax?

Bisou's rooftop. (Summer)

The beach. (Rayane)

The bath journey at the spa. (Shenyue)


Drink of choice?

Passion fruit iced tea. (Summer)

Coffee. Coffee. Black coffee. Shoutout to Salim! (Rayane)

Homemade lychee iced tea for me. (Shenyue)


ICI ice cream flavour?

The yuzu sorbet. (Summer)

I’m a chocolate person, but I couldn't resist vanilla here. (Rayane)

I second that, vanilla. (Shenyue)



A restaurant and a dish?

Ai KISU. The chilli crab with sweet buns. Exceptional. It’s the savoury-sweet for me. (Summer)

I second that. It would be Ai KISU for me as well. Absolutely, the chilli crab. I love a little heat. (Rayane)

Ai KISU. Not very original, but I love the black and gold design. The mirrored ceiling is fun! The standout for me was the rice straw-flamed tuna. The Warayaki flames are quite the show, and give a distinct smokey flavour. (Shenyue)


Your perfect day?

Wake up, shower under that amazing big shower, breakfast, swim in the ocean, go to the spa, have a light lunch, maybe waterski before that. Then chill on my balcony with a cocktail, dinner, a bath, and back into bed. (Summer)

Sleep in. Coffee. Workout. Eat, eat, eat. Beach. Then eat again. (Rayane)

Gym, a big breakfast, chill on the beach, lunch, waterskiing, spa, dinner, hang out with my fav deejay at Club Ai KISU. (Shenyue)


Your favourite thing about the hotel?

The interior design and the desserts. And what I call “equal focus”. The hospitality, the food, the design – everything is given equal importance. (Summer)

The pastries at Maison LUX*. (Rayane)

The food is some of the best hotel food I’ve had, ever. All the watersports too. (Shenyue)



Fitness feature?

The ropes with a trainer up at the rooftop gym with the views of the Indian Ocean. What a luxury. (Summer)

I’m a weights girl. (Rayane)

I liked having the option between the rooftop wellness space and the super equipped gym. (Shenyue)


Spa treatment?

The full body massage. That was one of the comfiest massage beds ever. I would take it home and sleep on it. (Summer)

When the massage is that good, you know the rest will be amazing. (Rayane)

The back massage was incredible. Next time I'd love to try the Turkish Hammam! (Shenyue)


Design inspiration you would take home?

The use of curvature in very linear spaces, like at the spa. (Summer)

I would take the bathtub home. I don’t think people understand the importance of fitting in a bathtub. I'm tall! (Rayane)

I love all the ceramics. I actually make ceramics, so it’s nice to see. (Shenyue)




That one thing you loved about your room?

The blinds. Oh, and the robes. I would love to have those in my house. The beach bag! The cake in the room. It’s all in the details. It makes for an elevated experience. (Summer)

The walkout on the ground floor. To walk from your room to the beach is everything… (Rayane)

I’d love to take home the ultra-comfy bed. (Shenyue)


Three emotions you felt at LUX* Grand Baie?

Excitement. I want to photograph everything, share with everyone. I am constantly excited in this place. You keep noticing things you didn’t see the day before. The hospitality of the staff has been unmatched. And joy. (Summer)

Shock when I first walked through the lobby. My heart dropped. The size, the doors, the view. I was not expecting anything like this. Comfort too. And warmth. (Rayane)

Awe. Peace. And love because I’m going to miss you girls. (Shenyue)



What you loved about Mauritius?

The crystal-clear water. (Summer)

The people, so sweet. (Rayane)

Yes, the people. They’re so friendly and caring. (Shenyue)


Luxury to you?

The ultimate point of relaxation. It’s such a privilege to be able to have that moment. This hotel provides everything for that. (Summer)

The freedom to live the way I want. The work that I do. It’s not your typical 9 to 5. Having choices. (Rayane)

Being able to hear other people’s experiences. Their stories. (Shenyue)



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