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    Updated on 07/07/2022

    As the world reopens, travel is getting a little easier. The secret to a seamless trip is extra planning. Be sure to check your country's regulations. Here's the status of our destinations:



    Great news! Mauritius is fully open! We compiled the most frequently asked questions below. We also invite you to consult the official Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority website for the latest updates and more detailed information:

    La Reunion

    Social distancing is recommended but is no longer mandatory. Masks are not required indoors and outdoors, including in transportation (even if it is still recommended). To visit Reunion Island, it is compulsory for unvaccinated people to present a Covid-19 test (PCR test less than 72 hours or Antigen test less than 48 hours). Vaccinated travellers do not need to present any test upon departure. Since 14 May, ‘reasonable excuses’ are not required for unvaccinated travellers (however a negative Covid test is still compulsory).


    Over in China, the doors to our resorts and retreats are open to domestic travellers only, as borders remain closed for now. A health QR code is required upon check-in. Local travellers from high and middle-risk areas should check in with their regional's regulations.


    The Maldives' one island=one resort has made it an alluring destination since day 1.

    You are no longer required to present a PCR negative test result upon arrival to the Maldives. This applies to both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travellers. Wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory, except at health facilities.

    You must fill out an online Traveller Health Declaration ( within 48h of your departure to and from the Maldives.

    If you are coming from another resort, island or boat, you are no longer required to do a PCR test prior to your arrival at LUX* South Ari Atoll.

    As part of the Collective Care Program, all Team Members maintain protective measures, and public facilities are sanitized frequently to keep you, our Team Members, and our communities safe.

    COVID-19 insurance: The Maldives offers a COVID-19 insurance which travellers can purchase prior to their arrival. It covers medical expenses, isolation and transportation costs.



  1. What is the protocol to travel to Mauritius?

    From the 1st of July 2022, all travellers (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) can travel freely to Mauritius. There is no need to present a PCR test at embarkation, and no PCR test will be carried out upon arrival.

  2. I want to travel to Mauritius. Which of your resorts can I stay in?

    You can stay at LUX* Grand Baie, LUX* Grand Gaube, LUX* Le Morne, SALT of Palmar, and Tamassa Bel Ombre. Note that SALT of Palmar is adults-only.

  3. Are the hotel staff vaccinated?

    All of our Team Members and their immediate families have been vaccinated. We also take daily temperature checks of all Team Members, as well as all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  4. Do I have to wear a mask?

    As from the 1st July 2022, you are no longer required to wear a mask except in certain public areas including airports, public transport, and hospitals.

  5. How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

    After going through baggage claim, you can reach your hotel by organised transfer, taxi, rental car, or any other means of transportation. Just be sure to disinfect your hands, wear a mask and roll down the windows!

  6. My home country requires a PCR test before boarding my return flight.
    Will that be readily available?

    Yes. The test can be conducted at the resort and be collected by the private clinic at your expense. Just get in touch with us at Reception so we can schedule it for you.


    These are the measures we take in our resorts to keep you, our Team Members, and our communities safe.

    • All Team Members maintain protective measures
    • Physical distancing protocol using signage and markings throughout the properties
    • Hand-sanitising stations throughout the properties
    • Increased cleaning and disinfection cycles to ensure optimal hygiene standards
    • Daily temperature checks for everyone accessing the hotels at all entry/exit points
    • A trained Covid-19 Officer responsible for ensuring compliance with each property's new operational regulations and procedures
    • Doctor on call 24/7 and resident nurse available in all properties


    • Minibars will remain empty with a wide selection of items available upon request

    Public Areas and Facilities

    • Hand-sanitising stations throughout all public areas
    • Frequent sanitisation of high-touch points areas using fogging equipment, electrostatic sprayers and wipes
    • Regular sanitisation of high-touch areas (changing rooms, door handles, mirrors, hooks etc)

    Public Bathrooms

    • Non-contact single-use tissue dispenser

    Pool and Beach Facilities

    • Re-arrangement of sunbeds to comply with physical distancing requirements
    • Cleaning and sanitisation of sunbeds after each use with a "Cleaned and Sanitised" sign after sanitisation is completed
    • Frequent sanitisation of outdoor showers

    Restaurants & Bars

    • Menus are presented either via iPads which are sanitised after each use and/or QR codes so guests can access our menus on their own devices
    • Buffet area or live cooking stations shielded with glass protection screens
    • Table arrangements adjusted to allow for physical distancing in all restaurants and bars
    • Sanitisation of tables will be carried out after each guest. Outlets are sanitised after each service


    • Treatment rooms sanitised thoroughly between treatments
    • In changing rooms, clean towels are arranged in individual lockers. Lockers and showers are sanitised after every use
    • Seating and loungers are rearranged to enable physical distancing

    Fitness and Wellness

    • Advance booking for selected time slots required
    • Thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all gym equipment in between time blocks
    • Private fitness and wellness sessions indoors will be replaced by outdoor wellness classes(maximum 6 persons per class)


    Our Cancellation and Rebooking Policy for Mauritius and Reunion

    Cancellation Policy

    No penalty until 7 days prior to arrival, with a full refund of prepaid amounts, as from 01.01.2022.

    Exception: No penalty until 14 days prior to arrival for the stay period 23.12.22 – 06.01.23 for Mauritian properties & 23.12.22 – 02.01.23 for Reunion Island properties, with prepaid amounts fully refunded.

    Postponed Stays Policy

    Should a guest not wish to cancel the booking, the guest is welcome to postpone their stay up to 7 days prior to arrival for stay dates until 31 October 2023. Exception: Until 14 days prior to arrival for the stay period 23.12.22 - 06.01.23

    The then applicable pricing and conditions, combinable with any active offers at the time of rebooking, will apply for the new stay dates.

    Our Cancellation and Rebooking Policy for the Maldives

    Cancellation Policy

    All reservations for arrivals until 22 December 2022 will not be subject to any cancellation charges until 14 days prior to arrival and any prepared amounts will be entitled for new travel date changes.

    For all reservations for arrivals from 23 December 2022 to 10 January 2023 cancellations up to 40 days prior to arrival will be free of charge and any prepared amounts will be entitled for new travel date changes.

    Postponed Stays Policy

    For postponed stays with original arrival dates between now and 22 December 2022, no rebooking charges will apply, and the new stay dates will be confirmed at the same originally booked rate for new stay dates up to and inclusive of 22 December 2022.

    For new stay dates from 23 December 2022 onwards, these stays will be confirmed at the rate applicable.

    Our Cancellation and Rebooking Policy for China

    Cancellation Policy

    No penalty until 7 days prior to arrival, with a full refund of prepaid amounts.

    Postponed Stays Policy

    Should a guest not wish to cancel the booking, the guest is welcome to postpone their stay up to 7 days prior to arrival for stay dates until 31 October 2023.

    The then applicable pricing and conditions, combinable with any active offers at the time of rebooking, will apply for the new stay dates.

    All of the above may be subject to change.


LUX* Resorts & Hotels prend fait et cause pour l’environnement.
Pour un tourisme durable, telle est l’approche prônée par LUX* Hotels & Resorts qui se mobilise pour la préservation des biodiversités. C’est ainsi que dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale de l’Environnement
observée hier, dimanche 5 juin, les différents établissements hôteliers ont tenu à renforcer leur engagement pour la préservation de l’environnement en organisant des activités dans leurs localités respectives. Des travaux de nettoyage et d’embellissement et des collectes de fonds, entre autres, étaient au programme.

Pour Vishnee Payen, Group Sustainability & CSR Manager, « chez LUX* Resorts & Hotels, la journée mondiale de l’Environnement c’est tous les jours. Nous sommes arrivés à un moment où agir avec intégrité vis-à-vis des ressources que nous utilisons n’est plus une option mais un besoin, pas seulement pour la présente génération mais pour celles à venir. Comme un leader dans l’industrie, mais aussi de par notre listing dans le SEM Sustainability Index et notre engagement pour le développement durable, nous reconnaissons que les dangers que représentent les ressources limitées sont réels et changer les habitudes de la communauté locale, de nos invités, investisseurs, partenaires ont évolué n’est plus une option mais un besoin crucial. Voilà ce à quoi nous travaillons en cette journée mondiale, en ligne avec la thématique de cette année qui est Go Wild For Life, ce qui implique la protection de la biodiversité ».

LUX* Resorts & Hotels a profité de la Journée mondiale de l’Environnement pour réitérer son partenariat avec Specialized Cleaning Technologies pour l’utilisation de produits écologiques dans ses établissements. De plus, le groupe a réduit considérablement ses déchets plastiques en bannissant les bouteilles plastiques. Ainsi, chaque mois, ce sont 120 000 bouteilles qui ne sont pas utilisées. Elles ont été remplacées par des bouteilles en verre réutilisables il y a maintenant deux ans. Avec la collaboration de Mauritian Wildlife Federation (MWF), LUX* soutien le projet de restauration de l'habitat Ile Aux Aigrettes (IAA), ce qui permet à MWF de propager les plantes rares et éliminer les espèces exotiques envahissantes sur l'îlot.

A Grand Gaube, certains quartiers et coins très fréquentés du village ont fait peau neuve. En effet, LUX* Grand Gaube a déployé 100 de ses Team Members dans plusieurs endroits pour des travaux de nettoyage et d’embellissement vendredi dernier. Le rond-point à côté du stade Sir Gaëtan Duval, la route Royale et les quartiers Saint Michel et Batie ont été les zones ciblées. Outre ces employés, l’hôtel a reçu le concours du Conseil de District de Rivière du Rempart, de la Police et de la National Coast Guard. Un atelier de peinture était aussi prévu sur cette
même thématique.

Le LUX* Belle Mare a de son côté organisé un Fun Race pour une journée sans carbone. Cette activité s’inscrivait dans le cadre du projet Tread Lightly dans lequel l’hôtel est engagé avec l’objectif de réduire l’empreinte carbone de son activité. Le but de cette course est aussi de récolter des fonds pour l’embellissement du jardin et de l’aire de jeu de l’école primaire de Belle Mare. Chaque participant était invité à contribuer Rs 25 pour s’enregistrer à cette course d’une distance d’environ 5 kilomètres. Pour chaque kilomètre couru par les participants, LUX* Belle Mare a
contribué Rs 100. De plus, pour chaque soin organique dans le spa, l’hôtel a contribué Rs 500. Alors qu’au Merville Beach, un atelier a été organisé sur le thème de « From waste to art » sur le recyclage des matériaux.

Au Morne, outre les séances en pleine nature et un concours d’éco-poème, entre autres, les clients de LUX* Le Morne ont bénéficié d’un tarif réduit pour visiter l’île aux Aigrettes. LUX* Resorts & Hotels soutient la Mauritius Wildlife Foundation dans son projet de restauration de cet îlot, notamment l’élimination des espèces invasives. AuTamassa à Bel Ombre, les clients ont eu droit à la projection d’un film sur la préservation de la biodiversité

Outre Maurice, les établissements de LUX* Resorts & Hotels se sont mobilisés. A l’île de la Réunion, le LUX* St Gilles et L’Hotel Le Récif organisent un atelier sur la protection des récifs alors que le LUX* South Ari Atoll aux Maldives mettront l’accent sur la protection des requins-baleines dans cette région. En Chine, les deux établissements LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan et Lijiang travaillent sur la sensibilisation sur la zone protégée de l'UNESCO a Yunnan).