About Reunion Island
Reunion Island is a French island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and about 200 kilometres (120 miles) southwest of Mauritius, the nearest island. Unlike its neighbour, Mauritius, Reunion Island's main attraction is not its beaches. True, St-Gilles-Les-Bains is packed up with bathers and bakers during holiday periods and it is a mighty fine beach, but if beaches are what you want, you'd be better off in Mauritius or Maldives. That said, Reunion's volcanic origins grant it an extraordinarily beautiful landscape, one characterised by high peaks, deep canyons and plains. Trekking is the most obvious activity and is perhaps also the most rewarding: whether you're gazing up at proud volcanic peaks, or staring down from those same peaks, you're in for fantastic scenery. The towns are adorned with colonial architecture and are excellent starting points for inland adventures. (Sources: Wikipedia & Travellerspoint)  

What to do in Reunion Island
Reunion Island is the perfect destination for travellers seeking both a relaxing island holiday and an action-packed adventure trip. Hike the island's unique cirques and the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage status natural park to see the island's native flora and fauna up close. Go canyoning over La Réunion's many waterfalls or take to the ocean with a scuba diving or surfing expedition.  The island also features almost 1000km of hiking trails over incredibly contrasting landscapes. Once you've satisfied your adventurous side, kick back under a shady palm tree on the white beach and work on your tan.

Attractions in Reunion Island
SAINT-GILLES-LES-BAINS: Coco Bike, Shai Ena, Bleu Marine Reunion, Le Grand Bleu, Aquarium de la Reunion, O Sea Bleu, Descente VTT, Jardin d'Eden, Maevasion (centre de Peche), Jet Ski Attitude Locatio, Albacore Fishing Club, Visiobul, Submarine Plongee, Bato Pei, Airsports Reunion, La Villa Club; SAINT-LEU: Air Reunion parapente, La Reunion Cote Montagne Private Day Tours, Centre de Plongee Excelsus, Adrenaline - Parapente, Black Air Parapente, Kelonia, Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin, Parapente Reunion, Abyss Plongee, Takavoler, Spirit Of Saint-Leu - Parapente a l'Ile de La Reunion, Aquabulle; SAINT-PIERRE: Air-Aventures, ULM Planetair974, Domaine Du Cafe Grille, ULM Air Reunion, Zen Altitude Ulm, Corail Helicopteres, Lasergame Evolution, Rhumerir Isautier, Temple Tamoul Narassingua Perournal, Mobilboard La Reunion; SAINT-PAUL: Helilagon, Felix ULM, Wulfy Diving, Les Passagers du Vent, Marche Forain de Saint-Paul, Austral ULM, Fly 974 Tandem, Rdutemps; SAINT-DENIS: Parc du Colorado, Jardin de l'Etat, Maison Carrere : visite libre, Musee Leon Dierx, Les Recreateurs, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de La Reunion; SAINTE-ROSE: Ascension du Piton de la Fournaise avec Rando Volcan, Plantation Vanilla-Bourbon, Notre-Dame des Laves, Tunnels de lave, Envergure Reunion, Pont Suspendu de la Riviere de l'Est; LA SALINE LES BAINS: Kayak Transparent, Airsports Reunion, Buggy'run, Run' Aventures; SAINT-PHILIPPES: Tunnels de Lave, Jardin des Parfums et des Epices, Escale Bleue; SAINT-JOSEPH: Cascade de Grand Galet, Le Labyrinthe en-Champ-The, Aquasens, La Truite de Langevin; SAINT-BENOIT: Plantation Melissa, Les Cascades de Takamaka, Cascade de la Paix; SAINTE-SUZANNE: La Vanilleraie, Bassins des Hauts de Sainte Suzanne, Niagara Vertical, Envergure Reunion; CILAOS: Canyoning la Reunion, Cilaos Parc Aventure, Thermes de Cilaos; HELL-BOURG: Maison Folio, Cimetiere Paysager de Hell-Bourg, Canyoning - Envergure Reunion; SAINT-GILLES-LES HAUTS: Musee de Villele, Pepiniere du Musee; ENTRE-DEUX: Takamakadventure Day Tours, Les Gorges du Bras de la Plaine; L'ETANG-SALE: AkOatys, Croc Parc; SAINT-LOUIS: La Sucrerie du Gol, Makes Aventures; BRAS-PANON: Evasion Kreol, Cook'in974; SAINT-ANDRE: Distillerie de Savanna, Temple du Colosse; SALAZIE: circuit des maisons creoles de Hell Bourg a Salazie, Les 3 Cascades

Hotel in Reunion Island
LUX* Saint Gilles (formerly LUX* Ile de La Reunion) – our 5-star hotel in Reunion Island (located in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains) – overlooks the most spectacular beach and the only lagoon of the island. Learn more about our hotel in Reunion Island.

Geography of Reunion Island
Reunion Island is a small volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and about 200km from Mauritius. With a total area of 2500km2, it's a true island of contrasts, with the  active volcano of Piton de la Fournaise on its south coast, 27km of pristine  beaches to the west, and lush mountain terrain in between. The capital of the island is the city of  Saint-Denis.

Climate in Reunion Island
The climate is tropical and humid all year round. Summer falls between December and March, while winter is from April to November. However, due to the increasing mountain heights inland, the temperature does drop progressively, so warm clothing is advised for trekking in the cirques.

Temperature: 20°C in winter to 26°C in summer | Sea temperature: 23°C

Language in Reunion Island
The locals speak mostly French, as well as local Creole and a few minority languages.

Culture in Reunion Island
Local Creole culture offers a fascinating blend of French, African, Indian, Chinese and Malagasy with a diverse array of local food, traditional music and dance.

Money/Currency in Reunion Island
Reunion Island is part of the Eurozone and the currency used is the euro (€). Most shops accept international credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and there are also a number of ATMs available around the island. 

Driving/Transportation in Reunion Island
Most tourists will land in the capital, Saint-Denis. The island's various towns are linked by a bus service, while rental cars are also available for hire.
Direct Flights to/from Reunion Island
Reunion is well connected with regular flights arriving from France.  

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