<p>Mamma Aroma</p>


For as long as any of us can remember, hospitality amenities have been a staple in hotel and resort bathrooms around the world. But they’ve never been quite like our Mamma Aroma essentials. Imagine hair lovingly nourished by deep conditioners; relaxing bathtimes scented with tropical oils; bodies gently polished with a sea-salt scrub and sun-kissed skin made to glow thanks to the natural moisturising properties of these sweet-scented products. LUX* Resorts & Hotels offers you something different: an element of surprise to inspire a gasp of pleasure, sometimes thanks to the simplest things. Mamma Aroma is considerate to the environment, so they’re as good for your conscience as your body – indeed, our products and their packaging are as light on the planet as they are on you.

Aromatherapy guru Shirley Page has created a range of essential oils exclusive to LUX*, using local ingredients – essences, flowers and spices that combine to create a magical world of fragrance. The oils are used in our LUX* Me spa, and are present in our soul-uplifting room mists and linen scents. And they’re available for you to take home, so you can close your eyes and pretend you’re still on holiday.