LUX* invites you to try something new. A unique calendar of expert-led workshops has been curated to inspire curious minds – creative artists and leading specialists will be sharing their secrets at LUX* resorts throughout the year. Discover Tibetan sound healing and stress-busting meditation. Try Vinyasa Flow Yoga combined with mono printing. Steal tips to making the ultimate health tonics. In short: expect uplifting and edifying resort experiences like no other.

Maybe it’s time to give the other side of your brain a workout. The left side is about processing logic, science and mathematics, while the right side handles creativity and the arts. Check the schedule to see which masterclasses will give your grey matter the fresh challenge it craves. Afternoon craft workshops don’t get more satisfying than learning the Japanese art of bookbinding. Want to try an innovative new fitness experience? Never usually have the time or motivation to try write a travel story? Let LUX* make it easy and learn skills to last a lifetime.

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