<p>Celebrate Life</p>

Perusing LUX* Magazine is a lot like wandering vibrant streets with hidden gems, artist filled neighbourhoods, colourful towns with brightly painted murals, eclectic cafés and piquante street cuisine. Our magazine is reminiscent of a cool city, a beachtown, of nature untamed. It is bold, and it is beautiful: alongside the gorgeous photography are stories about the people, places, and things we love. The bright colours, geometric graphic design, and bold lettering are gripping. It is one of those magazines you can’t put down.

We invite you to dive into the fourth edition of our print magazine devoted to travel, culture, art, design, style, and food. This issue features a discerning edit of our favorite locales, alongside interviews of the people who are on design and culture’s cutting edge, How-Tos, book reviews, photography, and riveting stories. You’ll also find a booklet about our latest LUX* escapes.

Get lost in the pages of our magazine, truly a lasting feast for the mind and soul. We’ve conceived an issue that will tug at your heartstrings and tickle your art buds. We hope that it transforms the ways you see the world and yourself. We hope our writing and images will entice you. Pick up a copy of our magazine for a lazy daytime revelry under a beach umbrella or wrapped up in your hotel bathrobe. 

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