<p>(that we just can’t keep to ourselves any longer)</p>

LUX* is lighter and brighter than ever. We have eight extraordinary hotels and resorts open and six more in the making. The brand is growing which means that more people are celebrating life. Happy days. But having the energy we do, we gave ourselves a new challenge.

We’ve created a new hotel brand from Lux Hospitality Ltd, and the first one will open in Mauritius (we love Mauritius) on the 1st of November 2018.

It will be different to LUX*. A place devoted to the wonder of all things local. We asked people all over the world how they wanted to travel, and the answer was that they wanted to explore from a great base. They want the opportunity to connect with locals and their lifestyles. For them, discovery and simplicity are luxuries.

If this sounds like your kind of experience, leave us your email address, and we’ll let you know when we have more news and introductory offers to tempt you with.

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