Originally, a wedding proposal meant just getting down on one knee and popping the question. However, proposals, just like weddings, have become grander affairs. Of course, there is nothing like a simple, heartfelt proposal but if you’re looking for a story for the ages, you’ll want to go all-out. And for that, you need to plan well. Luckily you’ve got help: The Genie. Our proposal concierge will help craft a completely bespoke experience. Here are some ideas: You’re having champagne at the top of Le Morne mountain at sunset and suddenly a drone dangles the ring right in front of your lover’s eyes. You’re on the beach and a plane with a “Will you marry me” flies over. Propose while skydiving or scuba-diving. Fly in a helicopter over the beach where the question is written in the sand with petals. We’re here to make sure everything goes as planned.