Harness the power of the wind and experience kite surfing at one of the world's best spots for the sport, 'one eye' right on our doorstep. Boasting steady and consistent winds, pride kite surfing school offers equipment rental and lessons for all levels. Perfect for beginners, the kite lagoon offers flat and shallow seas providing ideal learning conditions.

Enjoy the speed of windsurfing, the tricks of wakeboarding, the smooth carving waves of surfers and the incredible jumps that will make you fly; all combined in this adrenaline-fuelled challenge.

VENUE - Le Morne

DEPARTURE TIME - From 10:00 to 17:00

WHAT TO WEAR - Wet suit, coat, water shoes

TARIFF (EUR) & AGE GROUP - Discovery course: 120 Euros for 2 hrs for group of 3 persons. (equipment included) 
Beginners course 360 Euros group of 3 persons equipment included.  Basic course 600 Euros for 12 hour equipment included.
Advance course 60 Euros per hour group of 3 persons equipment included. Private lesson 85 Euros per person (minimun weight allowed 30kg )

WHAT TO BRING - Beach towels & suncream

WHERE TO MEET - Reception

DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day