There’s East, our exquisite Thai restaurant, helmed by a woman chef–somewhat of a rarity in the cooking world. Then there’s The Kitchen, our main restaurant which caters to all palates with its variety. Don’t let the variety fool you though; we’ve figured out how to embrace that Zero Food Waste lifestyle. Vik’s is where you can pop by for a Ti Punch rum drink and fresh-from-the-lagoon urchin. ICI is our artisanal ice cream ‘parlour’. Keen on Green is made for those who love their greens and veggies. As for that twig of rosemary in your gin tonic? It’s from our herb garden. Garden to Glass, we call it. Some nights, we set up a whole island kitchen on the beach so you can sample our country’s delicious flavours. Had a late night? Stop for a macchiato at our café. Served with pastries. Obviously.