Every culture has baking at the heart of its cuisine and the world has thousands of varieties of bread as testimony. Here at LUX* Le Morne, our guests come from every corner of the globe and all are accustomed to different tastes and textures in their daily loaves. The man responsible for keeping them all happy is Group Head Baker Ludovic Gopaul, who’s spent the last three years leading the ambitious LUX* bakery programme, developing new breads and Viennoiserie to delight our guests not just at LUX* Le Morne - but for every hotel and resort in the LUX* family.

Ludovic’s journey into baking began when he took a job in a bakery to fund his high-school studies. He fell in love with the science and art of baking and was mesmerised by the complex balancing act of juggling ingredients, timings and techniques to accommodate the countless factors that can influence the yeast - from the humidity of the island air to the age of the flour. Within a few years he’d become one of the most accomplished bakers in the Indian Ocean, and in 2016 he captained the Mauritian team at the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris - the World Cup of baking.

That soft, crisply-crusted sourdough served with dinner? It’s not just the result of an afternoon in the oven. Ludovic has spent meant years tweaking the classic San Francisco fermentation process to suit the island climate with a yeast that is specifically nurtured for longer than usual.
Then again, that’s the LUX* way - always improving; never taking shortcuts.