Free from the pressures of everyday life, holidays are the ideal time to indulge your imagination and unleash your creativity - and at LUX* Le Morne, the Junk Art Studio is the perfect place to let it flow.

Just ask local artist Danielle Cousinery, who leads art workshops for our guests, showing them how to transform used bottles into beautifully unique vases and souvenirs. With a passion for art all throughout her life, when Danielle discovered the world of bottle art in 2015 she realised that her true creativity had found its natural outlet. Encouraged by her equally artistic children, she set up her studio ‘Dan’s Deco’ and has been creating beautiful decorative objects from unwanted or unexpected materials ever since.

At the LUX* Junk Art Studio you’ll find Danielle teaching guests and their families to use wine and spirit bottles, shells, string, lace and other recycled materials to create their own home-brightening works of art, as well as making bespoke commemorative bottles for couples celebrating their wedding at LUX* Le Morne.