<p>Vitality Parcours</p>


Introducing a fresh new way to exercise at LUX* Grand Gaube, ‘Vitality Parcours’ offers guests a unique and invigorating outdoor training experience. Located beneath the ‘Filaos’ trees, with natural shade and sea air, a dedicated Fitness coach will guide you through a specially designed circuit of obstacles, focusing on strength training, cardio and endurance. Whether a group session or individual, the 45 minute ‘Vitality Parcours’ session can be adapted to achieve personal goals. Varied intensities all lead to a highly efficient mode of training creating a full body workout, rounded off by stretching and breath work, to maximise energy and vitality for the day ahead. An appealing alternative to indoor gyms, exercising surrounded by nature with fresh air, has many health benefits. Shown to boost immune systems, promote positive emotions, cleanse the lungs, increase energy levels and achieve better clarity of mind, what’s not to like?