Padel Tennis


New to the resort for 2018 is Padel Tennis - a fast-paced combination of squash, tennis and badminton. Enjoy the frenetic and fun nature of this rapidly growing sport on a playing area a third of the size of a tennis court complete with walls you can bounce and play off.
Padel Tennis is great way to stay active, fast enough to feed your competitive edge and our dedicated state-of the-art court has everything you need to make this your new favourite sport.

VENUE - Grand Gaube Tennis Court

DEPARTURE TIME - From 08:30 to 20:00 (Tennis courts are located at the resort,and the ball is paying MUR 500 for 4 balls).

WHAT TO WEAR - Trainers, shorts & t-shirt

WHERE TO MEET - Tennis club

DAYS OF ACTIVITY - Available every day