With a combination of reliable winds from the Indian Ocean and the perfect flat waters of our lagoon, kitesurfing with Martin Kiteboarding at the nearby Palmar Beach is a thrilling sport to master - and arguably one of the most high-octane water-sports on the planet.
Enjoy the speed of windsurfing, the tricks of wakeboarding, and the unique freedom this adrenaline-fuelled activity affords as you carve the waves and slice incredible jumps that will literally make you fly through the air.

VENUE - Grand Gaube

DEPARTURE TIME - 10:00 to 17:00

WHAT TO WEAR - Wetsuit, helmet, coat, ornes, water shoes

TARIFF (EUR) & AGE GROUP - With a fee

WHAT TO BRING - Beach towels & suncream

WHERE TO MEET - Near Palmaraie Beach

DAYS OF ACTIVITY - From Mondays to Saturdays