<p>Carita Cinetic™ Facials</p>


It was in the ‘House of Beauty’ at 11 Faubourg St Honoré in Paris, under the creative inspiration of the Carita sisters, that Carita Haute Beauté was born. At this most prestigious of addresses, the expertise and know-how of these ‘artisans of beauty’ was practised and perfected over the years born from a passion and commitment to offer only the very best.

Deeply luxurious and highly effective, guests of LUX* Grand Gaube can now experience the unique philosophy and methods of this exclusive spa and beauty brand. Using a powerful combination of science and nature, Cinetic facials are the world’s first combination of micro-currents, ultrasound and LED technology and with tailored solutions for correcting, lifting and firming skin - dramatic results are visible after just one treatment.