The botanical gin renaissance of the past couple years has yet to fizzle out. A gin cocktail is still your best bet. At our G&T100 Bar, with its curated selection of one hundred of the world’s best gins, is Vishnu Canee, who, four years ago, was standing behind a different kind of desk at the Reception. Legend has it that, in medieval times, peasants drank gin to ward off the plague, and that the British officers in India added water, sugar and lime to the bitter quinine medicine they took to prevent malaria (the precursor of tonic). Vishnu loves the creativity that goes into crafting a drink. Here’s the recipe for one of his creations (sip it at sunset):

Oxley Gin Chocolate & Tonic

4cl of Oxley Gin

1.5cl of chocolate syrup

2 orange peels

4cl of lime juice

Pomegranate and basil tonic

Combine orange peels, gin, chocolate syrup and the lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and stir. Strain cocktail. Top with pomegranate and basil tonic; garnish with white and dark chocolate, an orange twist and a basil leaf.