<p>A Space Devoted to All Things Fitness</p>


Gone are the days when a holiday at a beach resort was incompatible with sticking to your fitness routine. Remember those gloomy forgotten gyms where only a handful of hardcore fitness enthusiasts dared work out? Yeah, we don’t miss those either. With wellness taking centre-stage, we designed a truly stunning and modern fitness space with a curated selection of gym equipment. The space screams high-energy and cutting-edge in its design. There is an outrace functional fitness unit, a strength zone, and six types of cardio machines, including the Skill Run treadmill, the wheelchair-friendly Top Excite upper-body machine, The Climb StairMaster and a stationary Watt Bike. For the tech geeks, we use the MyWellnessApp and the latest Technogym Live interface. And for those who want to forgo technology, connect with fellow humans in any one of our weekly group classes and urban fitness retreats. Hang out at The Wellness Bar to recharge your batteries after class or grab a pre-workout smoothie.