If one of your new resolutions was to get in shape and build a better you, now comes the hard part: sticking with it. This is the time when many of us begin to see our efforts derailed by an array of obstacles, including jobs, family responsibilities, a dislike of exercise or simple inertia.

But there are ways to avoid these exercise off-ramps if you are staying at LUX* Belle Mare, as our Wellness Concierge Concept is designed in a unique way to motivate yourself.

Patrick Moorgen, the Resort’s Wellness Concierge will first convince you to run through a Body Balance Analyst, this 1st step will allow Patrick to see on which parts of your body need to be focussed during the work up programme.

Then you are invited to fill the Wellness Wheel Form which consists of 9 charts measuring your level of state of spirit such as stress, muscle soreness, energy, happiness…..

The result combines with the one of your Body Balance Analyst will represent the agreement between the Wellness Concierge and yourself, don’t dare to give up or to miss a session, Patrick will insist on the agreement until your body shows the result.

The good thing, Patrick will still be in touch with you even after your holiday and he feels actually more proud than you and the goal which was set up starts to work…