At LUX* North Male Atoll, wellness achieves a higher state of clarity with a translucent over-lagoon spa.

Step into the incredible glass cubes of our over-water LUX* Me Spa sanctuary, and the pristine reef waters beneath your feet will begin your process of nourishment and renewal.

Our approach to wellness and beauty is designed to achieve a harmony between environment, ancient tradition and modern expertise. Wellness guru Shirley Page has teamed up with LUX* to create a range of treatments to purify body and spirit and our therapists tailor bespoke restorative programs that integrate our hallmarks of contemporary wellbeing.

Let our therapists get to know the rhythms of your mind and body, so that they can craft the ideal approach - one that is unique to you - be it total relaxation, detoxification, a restorative program, or a full healing treatment. Should you be in the mood for a treatment in the privacy of your own villa, our therapists are happy to customize it indoors or on your rooftop with the waves as your soundtrack.

Free your body of tiredness and toxins with our LUX* ME product range, which combine the purest organic ingredients - including essential oils crafted using spices and flowers from the bountiful islands of the Maldives. Indeed - drawing inspiration from the mystical archipelago - the LUX* ME Spa is a place devoted to the cultivation of truly bespoke beauty, balance and peace.