You and your most-loved are at the beginning of a beautiful, new adventure - and there’s nowhere more perfect than the Maldives to step into the world as one.

Let the era-defining LUX* North Male Atoll be your divinely unique stage for a lifetime of memories, in one of the planet’s true natural paradises. The ultimate pampering experience begins in your penthouse as the LUX* ME Spa bequeaths opulent essential oils by Shirley Page, along with a treasure-chest of exquisite scrubs for a tantalisingly tender moment made for two.

As you fall deeper in tune together and the pristine marine environment that surrounds you, take the opportunity to make a lasting gesture of your love for each other - and the planet. Talk with our resident marine caretakers, and they’ll help you experience coral planting - an integral part of our environmental sustainability program.

It’s just one dream-tinged day in a celebration of memorable moments and, the morning after - as you linger over a delicious, personalised breakfast with the Indian Ocean kissing your feet - you’ll be forgiven for being uncertain if you’ve even woken.