Le Rendez-Vous

Rendez-vous at LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius

Another new concept at LUX* Belle Mare? Yes. This time, in fact a concept store, in the heart of the Resort. Typically LUX*! The recently opened Rendez-Vous Concept Shop at LUX* Belle Mare is the ideal  showcase for local artistic, craft and design talent.

Featuring the work of some twenty-five creative youngsters, some established, some just starting out, the concept store displays their skills, providing a beautiful opportunity for guests to discover Mauritian savoir-faire on site and make sure they’re aware that there’s more to Mauritius than just sun and sand and sea – glorious though the beaches are. 

As well as textiles, accessories and jewellery, there are also decorative and fashion items, all showcasing the diversity of Mauritian talent, proof that Mauritian creativity and imagination are rich, inventive – and full of humour, fitting in perfectly with LUX* Resorts’ lighter and brighter atmosphere.

Just one of the many articles that immediately catches the eye is a fun collection of bags and other kit, illustrating Mauritian city names or road signs. They are highly original creations using not just traditional local material but also drift or rough wood and recycled goods. With frequent splashes of colour, they all provide a fresh take, whether on tunics, dresses, jewellery or decorative objects, as well as on hats and other accessories.

Youngsters will head straight for the range of pillows, dolls and other comfort toys, crafted and sewn with them in mind – and with evident affection. The children’s corner is super colourful, a delight in itself.

There is even a spot in the rendezvous featuring a tempting collection of cupcake soaps, designed for enjoyment but without guests having to worry about the number of calories they contain. And that’s far from all. LUX* guests will also be able to savour local fruit and vegetables, full of tropical flavour.

Throughout their rendezvous with local know-how, LUX* Belle Mare guests’ can also be sure that the whole concept has been based on fair-trade attitudes and aims at helping local entrepreneurs from all levels of society. Guests certainly shouldn’t miss the Dodo hooks, beautifully made by Mauritian women to whom life has not always been very kind.

Even the shop itself is the creation of two young local designers, Marine and Agathe.  All in all, Le Rendez-vous at LUX* Belle Mare is an invitation to discover the creativity, simplicity and originality of Mauritius artists, proudly reflecting the island’s creativity, joie de vivre and authenticity.

Whoever said it’s difficult to find good local souvenirs worth buying? For a worthy cause, what’s more – supporting local artisans and creations that are genuinely Mauritian. Rendez-vous then at LUX* Belle Mare!