The Maldives Elevated


Blow away the island footprints of old, and step up for the Maldives reimagined with a sky-deck above your luxury, architect-designed penthouse.

As you kick-back high above, the island is a breezier, bluer place - with rooftop views that  stretch to the horizon, and possibilities for relaxation that go further than ever before.

Adorned with hammocks, sun-beds, swings and spots to dine - this is your personal space for play, suspended between sand or sea and the sky above - affording opportunities for new experiences, limited only by your imagination.

Roof-top revellers will savour sundowner cocktails, but hanging out with perfect drinks is only the beginning. Think backyard barbecues with a roof-top twist, or let us transform your night time sky- deck to the most secret of outdoor cinemas with your choice of celluloid stars.

Stretch body and soul with sunrise yoga and tai chi, sooth yourself with a moon-lit spa treatment elevated by nature’s soundtrack of lapping waves - or invite friends up for a LUX* Master Chef dinner party.

In this penthouse paradise every day is dazzlingly different from the Maldives that’s gone before. You have the perfect people, the perfect place - it’s time to pop open a bottle and raise a toast to sky-high adventures.