A stunning atoll,  scintillating lagoon, pure exhilaration. The Maldives boasts some of the most breathtaking dive sites around the globe. With almost 1,200 postcard-perfect coral islands coming together to form the mystical archipelago, a treasure-trove of remarkable marine species of all shapes and colours have made themselves at home, weaving in and out of the trillions of corals. LUX*, in collaboration with Best Dive, invites water enthusiasts, photographers, thrill-seekers, and adventurers to attend the highly-anticipated Underwater Festival.

The aim? To give you a glimpse into the mysteries that lie beneath the silky surface of the ocean, including natural caves and shipwrecks. During the festival, snorkelers and divers will get up real close to the marine life that populates these warm waters, including sea turtles and manta rays, restore coral colonies, and partake in marine conservation workshops. Registration for the 2019 edition opens soon.