Maison LUX* is an ode to the emblematic and picturesque cafés found in the oldest capitals of Europe. Supremely stylish with its eye-catching interiors, a dash of Art Deco, and a sprinkling of modernity. The menu features a simple but sumptuous rotation of pastries as delicate as fine jewellery, classic coffees, and… wait for it… cocktails! Exquisitely-crafted of course, and just in time for aperitivo, the sacred hour before dinnertime. But worry not, you can still pop by for a coffee after dinner and if you’re feeling daring, an absinthe served the traditional way. At a time when coffee is served at rush-hour, on-the-go, Maison LUX* invites you to slow down, take your time, and embrace the unmistakable Italian way of life.