Release your inner Impressionist. Impressionism was born in France in the 19th century, and it saw our scenery beautifully immortalised by many famous artists. Frédéric Bazille — born here in Languedoc — is credited with starting the art movement and the French term plein air refers to his love of painting out of doors. A breath of fresh air — literally — this approach involved painting outdoors and ‘on the spot’ rather than more formally in a studio. Some of the most well-known impressionism artworks were landscapes and vignettes of everyday life from this part of the world. We provide the paints, the easel, the paper and the brushes — you just bring your creativity. Combine capturing those soul-stirring landscapes with exploring whether you’re a dab hand with a paint brush. Whether you’re keen to develop your art skills or just have some fun, it’s an inspiring creative release and could lead to the perfect memento of your time in South France.