Eat, drink, petanque, repeat. We’ve taken an old man’s game traditionally played in town squares and made it a fun, fashionable part of LUX* life. Play pétanque with a glass of Picpoul in one hand and a shiny metal ball in the other. Simply find the spot where you want to play and get stuck in — or reserve our dedicated boules plot. First, draw a circle about half a metre wide in our gravel boules area and stand in the centre. If you’re going to play the traditional French way, there’s no run-up — pétanque is played with both feet firmly on the ground. Toss the cochonnet — ‘piglet’ — and then throw the first boule. The other players need to try get their boule closer. Beginners pick it up quick smart, and all players soon get hooked on the nuances of playing competitively.