Hotel VenueWorkshop DaysTime
LUX* South Ari Atoll – Maldives 22 february 2017 10:00-12:00

Fitness Guru

with Anna Victoria

Anna's biggest goal is to help you learn to love yourself. Her workshop inspired by her Fit Body Guides will teach you how to exercise and eat healthy in a way that you will still be able to enjoy life, enjoy food, and get the results you deserve.


In 2012, California native Anna Victoria decided to take on the health and sleep problems she'd been having from a lifetime of eating junk food and get well from the inside out. The Fit Body Guides she created in 2015 have blossomed into a thriving community of women who encourage and motivate each other to press on in their journey toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. No matter where you are in your journey; beginning, middle, or you have simply fallen off track a bit and need that extra push – Anna’s Fit Body Guides are made to help you learn to love yourself - through all stages of your journey.

What you will get

  • High Intensity Circuit Training 
  • Total Body Strength Exercises 
  • Tone and Burn Fat Simultaneously