Hotel VenueWorkshop DaysTime
LUX* South Ari Atoll – Maldives 17 – 18 – 19 Jan 2017  


Tickets $60.- per person per workshop session in Maldives

Registration at the resort concierge desk.


With Lucile Woodward

No Pain fitness : a class that mixes body weight training with focused stretches to build a stronger body and minimise pain on the lower back, upper back, knees and shoulder.

You will strengthen the main muscles of your posture such as back, abs, core, feet, inner thighs muscle, and learn how to create space and diminish pain in your upper back, lower back, knee and ankles. This class mixes Pilates, Fitness and Yoga and all the best knowledge of anti pain movement. You will leave the class renewed, refreshed, just as after a power nap. And you will be able to reproduce most of the moves you loved later on in your daily life for a long lasting lighter stronger, no pain body.

Core Pilates : a class focused on good placement and core exercices. That builds solid abdominals and helps you remember the good way to work your abs in order to maintain a slim waistline forever.

You will work your abs like never before. From simple posture exercices to more advanced options, this class will focus on core, oblics and superficial abs.This class will focus on the right body placement for safe abdominal workout in order to help you practice abs workout in the safest way for the rest of your life.

Cross Training :  a crossfit inspired energetic fitness class. Mixing cardio, body weight training and balance exercises. Spend a sky high amount of energy and feel the endorphins in your bloodstream. They are options for every kind of fitness level, so everyone is invited to enjoy the fun and happiness of this total body workout.

The class starts with a warm up. Then we will mix body weight exercices, cardio sequences, as well as high intensity 30 secondes sequences. You will leave this class feeling like a super hero.


Fitness Coach

I'm not the coach of stars. I rather present myself as the sports coach of real people in real life. I also have a job, a child, a husband, friends ... And I know very well how difficult it is to stay motivated, keep fit, keep the line in our lives today.

What you will get

  • Yoga Mattress
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Coconut Water as well  - as it is the best to rehydrate the body after sport

What to bring

  • A cap and sunglasses
  • sun protection (head, eyes and skin), wear comfortable sports clothes, as well as good bust support for women
  • Please note that sports shoes are only needed for the Cross Training Workshop and not for others.