04th - 06th October - MAURITIUS

Friday 04th - LUX* Belle Mare - K Bar
Saturday 05th - LUX* Grand Gaube - Banyan
Sunday 06th - LUX* Le Morne - The Bar

Music has played a huge part in Tony's life since an early age. He was playing with a record player since he was five, not to spin tunes but to listen to the lp's of his parents, uncle, and his own. At the age of 10 he had already collected a prized collections of tapes, 33rpm and 45rpm vinyls.
Thanks to his liberal parents, he was clubbing since the age of 12. He was exposed to acid music in 1986 and there was no turning back. His interest in electronic music kept on growing ever since.
His DJ career started in 1998, when he was left one belt driven turntable that he put to good use. He shortly took up residencies at The Loft and 81 Deli in that same year. His sound was different as he was the pioneer of French house in Cape Town, then an underground sound. In 1999 he joined the first league of South African DJ's, he was selected to play his first big gig with dance music giant Carl Cox at the Phuture 2000.
Tony quickly established himself as Cape Town's best up and coming DJ crafting his sound at early residencies at The Fez, Jet Lounge and the legendary deep house club, More. He took up guest spots in every clubs and bars. He founded the Reset nights and co-founded the Francophunk parties. He was on the bill of most, if not all the promoters, in his adoptive town.
Throughout his DJ career, Tony has played alongside various major international acts. His innate talent and creative exploration made him an automatic choice for all the prestigious events.
A regular on radio waves, Tony defies commercialism and is rebellious with his underground flair. Always hungry for new sounds, Tony's set is always fresh and at times surprising.
His versatility in music has served him as Tony has played at world renowned outdoor events; Vortex, Alien Safari and at music festivals Rustlers Valley music festival, Cape Town Long Street festival.
In 2005, enjoying more the minimal techno and electro sounds, he closed the chapter of the iconic Tony Montana. He reinvented himself as Tiger Phong, reflecting more his underground moods. Under his new pseudo or totally unannounced, he now spends time mixing it up in Germany, France, South Africa and the Indian ocean islands, Reunion and Mauritius, where he currently resides.
As with any good DJ, he possesses superb technical ability. What really sets him apart from many is his ability to be in the vibe and place himself with the crowd, which is no surprise is where you will find him if he is not behind the decks.
When you watch him play you know that he is passionate about what he is doing.