10th - 12th August - MAURITIUS

Friday 10th - LUX* Belle Mare - Beach Rouge
Saturday 11th - LUX* Grand Gaube
Sunday 12th - LUX* Le Morne - The pool

Born in Mauritius, the island’s favorite groove crafter and DJ, Cream Cracker, is a passionate record collector and music lover who’s collection and knowledge of deep house surpasses his years of collecting it. Falling madly in love with hip hop and house music in the 90’s, he spent his formative teenage melting beats and acid tracks…with a sole idea in mind: unearthing all the hidden treasures of house and hip hop music, leaving no stone unturned. Later on, he started getting into the same process with other musical styles such as Jazz, Soul, Funk…His sets share similar class, burning up dance floors wherever he goes and he makes sure that the flag for ‘hard core deep house’ flies high for years to come.