<p>Chris Younie</p>
Chris Younie
English Entertainment Producer
Our best holiday ever at LUX* Belle Mare, amazing team members. The Resort is simply a corner of Paradise on earth.
<p>Lena Gercke</p>
Lena Gercke
German Fashion Model
More beautiful than paradise! Every view, no matter in which direction, offers a perfect postcard look. You can relax, but you can also experience quite a lot. You won’t get bored. It is the best recreation ever!
GoodLuck band
We had the most amazing time. LUX* is fun, relaxed, playful whilst offering exceptional service standards. We love the LUX* flair for the little things that makes the difference.
<p>Josh Cuthbert</p>
Josh Cuthbert
English singer in union J band
Simply amazing!. The restaurants are incredible, with so many options! If you want to sunbathe on a beautiful beach and drink rum till your hearts content, this is your place!!!
<p>Tiffany Watson</p>
Tiffany Watson
British Reality Star
Such a memorable trip at LUX* South Ari Atoll, we’ll definitely be back.
<p>Kelly Hoppen</p>
Kelly Hoppen
UK Bespoke Interior Designer
Thank you so much for everything, our stay was amazing
<p>James Blunt</p>
James Blunt
English singer-songwriter
This place is absolutely amazing, thank you so much to LUX* for hosting me
<p>Yannick Noah</p>
Yannick Noah
Former professional tennis player
Here at LUX* Belle Mare, all elements are united. People are really attentive and when you are a client here, you are really a king
<p>Julien McDonald</p>
Julien McDonald
Welsh fashion designer
LUX* Belle Mare is simply a superb place, with unique ambiance both days and evenings
<p>Shu Pei <br />Qin</p>
Shu Pei Qin
International Fashion Model
The service, food and beach are exquisite; it is such a relaxing, welcoming and inspiring place. I’ll definitely be back soon with friends to share these special moments
<p>Mary <br />Pierce</p>
Mary Pierce
Former Proffesional Tennis Player
Here at LUX*, I’m spending memorable moments, enjoying this fantastic resort and the friendliness of Mauritians
<p>Chris<br />Bull</p>
Reporter for Kite World Magazine UK
Kiteival and LUX* Sports are probably some of the most enjoyable and spectacular kiting sessions I have ever had
<p>Patrick Lambie</p>
Patrick Lambie
Natal Springbok Professional Rugby Player – South Africa
From sea plane to whale shark diving; ice creams to beach dinners; fly boarding to snorkeling; LUX* South Ari Atoll was all that