Innovation and banishing thoughtless patterns are at the heart of LUX* Resorts & Hotels' initiatives to create a different kind of holiday experience.

A lighter, brighter way of celebrating life is the LUX* ideology, and having announced its new and exciting Reasons To Go LUX* for 2017, the luxury resort and hotel group strengthens its reputation as a fresh and inspiring travel brand. Paul Jones, CEO of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, says: “Our Reasons to Go LUX* affirm who we are as a brand and help us stand out. We think of them as a promise to our guests about the unique experience they will have with us.”

LUX* has created the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect holiday shots with the introduction of a photography studio and workshops.
In partnership with noted photographer Michael Freeman, LUX* has produced the PhotoInspire booklet to comple-ment the new PhotoFanatics workshops, giving holiday snappers both technical and creative guidance on the best ways to capture the moments that matter, using a smartphone or a traditional camera or SLR. At any LUX* resort in Mauritius, Reunion or the Maldives, guests can hire the latest equipment and transform those precious memories into photobooks, calendars or printed gifts.

In every guest room, LUX* also provides a PhotoFinder – a practical guide to locating the best spots to capture the most breathtaking views, unique to each island.

Junkart Studio & Gallery
Escape from the rush of everyday life and revive a forgotten hobby or learn a new skill with the new Junkart Studio and Gallery at LUX* Resorts & Hotels. A holiday is a perfect time to explore something new or revisit old passions and guests of all ages are invited to bring their most creative ideas to art classes and workshops. Serious fun is to be had making one-off artworks and sustainable souvenirs from up-cycled materials.

Wanderlust Library
Appreciating the desire to try new things – especially on holiday – is a LUX* speciality, and this thought inspired the creation of the ultimate library of books and magazines for guests. The Wanderlust Library is a tranquil, calm and cool setting to stimulate the senses and expand horizons. Spanning a range of genres and topics, you don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy the Wanderlust Library.
Moreover, for 2017, LUX* invites its guests to try something new.

For pleasure seekers hoping for a holiday filled with new experiences, LUX* is offering a unique calendar of expert-led workshops, curated to inspire curious minds. Connoisseurs in their profession, experts from all over the world, will be hosted by LUX* offering their experience in a variety of exciting activities for only a short period. Workshops for 2017 will range from yoga retreats to photography tutorials, art lessons, wine tasting and master chef cooking classes for the whole family to enjoy.

In true LUX* spirit, the guest experience at each and every resort is made richer with a new inspired set of Reasons To Go LUX* in 2017.