The protection of the environment is fundamental to LUX* Resorts & Hotels. While LUX* aims to provide the best experience for its clientele, it also aims to lead the way to a brighter, carbon clean future. LUX* has put in place strategies to guide its guests and team to a healthier lifestyle, in line with a policy of sustainability in the islands in which it operates.

Under its green initiative, ‘Tread Lightly’, LUX* Resorts & Hotels has launched a number of innovative projects, expanding its resources across all its hotels in Mauritius, Reunion Island and the Maldives, so as to leave only the slightest trace of its presence on the environment.

In line with the objective to reduce the amount of carbon emission year on year, LUX* has implemented focused energy efficient strategies and key projects such as the ‘Energy Management System’ (EMS), the ‘Carbon Management Strategies’, ‘Laundry Reduction’. Last month the Green Committee collaborated with the Joseph Lagesse Foundation of GML towards a number of activities in the hotels targeting both clients and team members. Through “Tread Lightly”, LUX* has taken the initiative of offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted by the guests and intends to further invest in technologies towards the reduction of carbon emissions.

‘The protection of the environment is fundamental to us at LUX*. We have the responsibility of raising awareness in our customers and team members towards respecting the environment. This is why we engage the maximum of guests in our green initiatives. We will pursue our efforts towards reducing our carbon footprint while hoping that others will follow since the protection of the environment is of great importance for each and everyone of us.’ Vishnee Sowamber, the Green Committee representative.

In order to further reduce its carbon footprint, LUX* Resorts & Hotels does not import mineral water but serves rather water drawn from the ground or desalinated on the islands themselves. ‘Earth and Dance’, from the LUX* brand, are presented to the client without having travelled thousands of kilometres. Furthermore, the picturesque looking garden sheds are, in fact, composters in which colonies of worms work their way into recycling organic waste. The result is that LUX* Resorts & Hotels uses not one single drop of fuel for the unnecessary transportation of organic waste to the tip. Equally relevant is the locally manufactured products. Aromatic herbs and local vegetables are cultivated in the midst of hotel grounds for use in the kitchen. Thus, LUX* guarantees that the fresh produce served to the customer is carbon free. Brigitta Misteli, representative of FIFA in Switzerland, who attended the Annual Conference in Mauritius, made the most of her stay at LUX*.