In 2011, Kelly Hoppen first made her mark at LUX* Belle Mare with a total sea change within the 12 luxury LUX* Villas and honeymoon suites. The metamorphosis continued in the remaining guest bedrooms and public spaces, including the now famous Café LUX* and, at the culmination of this final stage, the resort’s restaurants are ready to be unveiled.

Launching this month in presence of the designer and a gathering of international VIP guests, the Grande Dame of Belle Mare is ready to show off her fashionable new look. Kelly Hoppen’s design has been inspired by the brand’s Lighter. Brighter take on luxury, injected with a hint of playful light-heartedness. Kelly has applied her signature light palette of white, cream, taupe and beige with punchy accents of zingy, bright colours, including turquoise, fuchsia, soft yellow, apple green, Chinese red, bright orange and purple.

In the guest bedrooms, linen and cotton fabrics are complemented by beach-inspired textures, such as watery lacquer surfaces, bleached wooden trestle tables and tongue-and-groove bathrooms. Now completed, the hotel’s entire inventory of accommodation delivers a feeling of sanctuary, which resides at the heart of Kelly’s design concept for the brand.

Featuring the exceptional LUX* Sleep Tight mattresses and thoroughly de-cluttered, the hotel’s suites and villas are now as comfortable and calming as the rest of the LUX* experience is spontaneous and surprising.Kelly Hoppen has applied the same philosophy to the resort’s extensive public spaces – most remarkably in the beachside restaurants and bars, which now feature clean lines, soothing shapes and super comfy furniture in natural fabrics and vibrant accents. Acclaimed British lighting designer
Rob Clift worked with Kelly’s team to refine the property’s lighting, which now harmonises the design across the resort. 

Returning guests will discover the most striking transformation at the resort’s much-loved beach restaurant, which is renamed Beach Rouge. Remodelled completely, this magical spot has evolved into a more expansive and entertaining interpretation of a real island favourite. Here, the design echoes the sophisticated but laid-back vibe of the French Riviera where the bright, airy and spacious surroundings frame postcard views of the perfect white beach and blue lagoon.

Beach Rouge also incorporates a new lounge area, for lazy beach days and chilled Indian Ocean evenings, where a DJ booth will host world-class disc spinners to accompany the newly developed menu of cocktails and tapas. Equipped with the very latest in kitchen technology, including a dry-aging chamber for perfect meats and a Josper oven (both premieres in the Indian Ocean), the chefs produce a fabulous new repertoire of deceptively simple seashore fare, crafted to succulent perfection from the
best of seasonal and local ingredients.

The Beach Rouge concept was born out of the strong desire to do something totally different and create a socially interactive space for all our guests to wine and dine close to the beach as well as providing a perfect venue for an amazing party” adds Paul Jones. “Designing LUX* Belle Mare has been one of the highlights of my career; not only is Mauritius an extraordinary place with extraordinary people, but working on this new concept of a holiday with Paul Jones and Piers Schmidt to create an environment like nowhere else, was very rewarding and exciting. From the minute you arrive, every moment you spend at LUX* Belle Mare should feel like the first time your feet sink into the beautiful white sand: total heaven”, says Kelly Hoppen.

But as beautiful and different as LUX* Belle Mare now is, this makeover is more than skin deep. The guiding ethos of the LUX* brand is to make each moment matter and two years after its launch, this philosophy is fully installed under the surface at an exceptional resort; here, guests can take full advantage of the most precious luxury we all have, which is our time. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the passion and creativity of the team’s shining service and their commitment to offer their guests a truly memorable holiday experience. 

Reflecting on the changes, Paul Jones says: “There are two essential ingredients at LUX* Belle Mare, which cannot be improved upon: the beach, which has to be the finest in Mauritius; and the amazing team of people who dedicate themselves to helping all our guests celebrate life. Now add the beautifullydesigned décor of Kelly Hoppen and instantly, LUX* Belle Mare turns out as the perfect resort.”