LUX* Resorts & Hotels announces the launch of LUX* Me Zhengliao from April 2014, a treatment developed for LUX* Resorts & Hotels by the Chinese Clinic Daoji and available exclusively in the Mauritius resorts and LUX* Maldives. The introduction of this inherent healing practice raises the LUX* Me offering to encompass all aspects of wellbeing. Keeping in line with the LUX* Me philosophy of improving long-term holistic wellbeing, the LUX* Me experience that promises to rejuvenate guests. 

The Daoji clinic is a traditional Chinese clinic that has been in operation for over 80 years and is renowned within the country.  Ouyang Zuyu, Associate Chief Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Daoji clinic,explains ‘In traditional Chinese medicine theory, most diseases are connected with Du, Yu and/or Xu – Chinese concepts for elements invading the human body, congestion, and lack of necessary principles that keep the body functioning at a healthy level. Ouyang Yunheng, my father, created a treatment named “Zhengliao” which is based on analgesia treatment – relief from pain – in the form of dredging channel, expelling of toxins, regulating Yu (congestion of energy, blood, phlegm, food and water), and repairing the kidney. This treatment can refresh the whole body in a short period of time, achieving a return to health once and for all.’  Guests can unwind as Chinese therapists specifically trained in Zhengliao knead away every day stresses and strains, drawing upon the ancient wisdom and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in the two-hour bespoke session. 

LUX* Resorts & Hotels Chief Spa and Wellness Officer, Jeff Butterworth, says ‘The Zhengliao treatment is setting a new benchmark in spa treatments. We have taken all the traditional spa pampering elements and fused them with a deeply healing experience. This is an authentic rejuvenating treatment that can only be found outside of China in LUX* Resorts & Hotels’.  Traditional Chinese herbs are used to heat the body whilst specialised massage techniques work the body energy meridians, cupping to release any stagnant energy. All acupressure points are stimulated to restore balance to the underlying energy systems, leaving guests with improved sleep, digestion and arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, while reducing stress, assisting in weight loss, and raising energy levels, for a lighter, brighter lifestyle.  

The new Chinese treatment compliments the various facets of LUX* Me, including the LUX* Me Healthy concept, which offers a range of healthy menu options, easily identified by a heart symbol on menus at LUX* Resorts & Hotels; the exclusive line of over 60 LUX* Me products inspired by the flavours of the islands; and the Shirley Page signature treatments and oil range that use high quality nutritive-based oils and essential oils, manufactured in the UK.  Celebrating a lifestyle that is healthy, fit, radiant and vibrant, the award-winning spa concept LUX* Me embodies a holistic approach to wellbeing. 

Part of LUX* Resorts & Hotels – a collection of hotels in the Indian Ocean that celebrate light island living – the LUX* Me experience promotes balance as the most important ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.  The LUX* Me Zhengliao treatment will be available at LUX* Resorts & Hotels in Mauritius and LUX* Maldives from April 2014; rates start from $150 USD for a two hour  treatment.