The only resort company in the Indian Ocean to run hotels in both Mauritius and Reunion Island, LUX* Resorts & Hotels now offers an exciting dual destination package for the two Vanilla Islands. Separated by 165 miles of sparkling Indian Ocean, Mauritius and Reunion are small but incredibly rich in natural beauty, cultural diversity and a huge variety of fun and interesting activities. The two sister islands share many similarities but can also be strikingly different, which makes them a perfect pair for an enriching holiday. Thanks to the new package put in place by LUX*, discerning travellers can now experience the unique cultures and flavours of both islands in one fantastic holiday! It can start with a leisurely Mauritian beach break before switching smoothly into action mode on vibrant Reunion Island, or vice versa. It’s up to our guests to design their ideal trip. 

Reunion Island – The land of colour and contrasts 
Reunion Island is a French administrative territory; its history, culture and cuisine give this colourful volcanic island situated in the very heart of the Indian Ocean, a massive dose of charm. 
Located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and about 200 km from Mauritius, Reunion is a true island of contrasts, with the active volcano of Piton de la Fournaise on its south coast, 27 km of pristine beaches to the west, and lush mountain terrain in between. It is the perfect destination for travellers seeking both a relaxing island holiday and an action-packed adventure trip. They can hike the island’s unique cirques and the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano; visit the UNESCO World Heritage status natural park to see the island’s native flora and fauna up close; go can-yoning over La Réunion’s many waterfalls or take to the ocean with a scuba diving or surfing expedition. 

The island also features almost 1000 km of hiking trails over incredibly contrasting landscapes. To spice up their holiday and satisfy their appetite for colours and contrasts, travellers should indulge in an authentic Creole meal. Reunion’s culinary tradition comes a long way and it is just as refined as its ingredients are exotic. 

Pure joy to the palate! Naturally, to make it a rounded trip, we suggest that they treat themselves to a luxurious bolt hole during their stay. A unique fusion of Creole energy and colonial elegance, LUX* Ile de la Réunion is the only five-star resort on the island to enjoy the flawless sands and coral-sheltered lagoon of l'Hermitage - all just a short journey from the rugged pitons and cirques of Réunion's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mauritius-it’s a pleasure! 
Set at the crossroads of the old oceanic spice routes, Mauritius is an incredible amalgam of colours and cultures. Much of this diversity comes from its historical past – a relatively recent history marked by French and British rule, and waves of consecutive population from Africa, India and China. The result today is a rich tapestry of people, languages and religious traditions, a unique social fabric, a proud nation. This dappled history can be seen in the splendid French plantation houses and gardens, at Aapravasi Ghat where the first Indian labourers landed, in bustling China town in the capital Port Louis, in the beat of African rhythms of the sega dance. The call of the muezzin mingles with the sound of temple bells and the chimes of the local chapel. 

There are volcanic mountains to scale, thick tropical foliage to explore, fair winds to catch in billowing sails, lagoons to make a bigger splash, waves to surf, or bounce over with a kite or windsurf. It goes without saying that Mauritius is a great place to scuba dive, snorkel, and maybe pull in an occasional marlin of world-class proportions. Located on some of the most spectacular beaches on the island, the LUX* Resorts & Hotels in Mauritius offer highly personalized stays that are spontaneous, fun and luxurious without ostentation. They are ideal base-stations for the exploration of the island -and equally ideal for a quiet, indulgent tropical beach break. 

LUX* Resorts & Hotels currently offers an exceptional combo offer for these two splendid islands, which could easily turn to be a trip of a lifetime! Check online the exceptional combo offer