Le Centre d’Eveil de Souillac is an initiative of Caritas.

Le Centre d’Eveil de Souillac is an initiative of Caritas. Caritas is an international federation that groups Catholic charitable institutions around the world and has a presence in 200 countries. Caritas has a strong faith in the potential of each human being. It operates in a highly decentralised manner – believing local decisions are best taken locally – and preferably in partnership with others, including sponsors like LUX* Resorts.

Le Centre d’Eveil de Souillac, has its own premises,  helps support 23 children aged between two and four, coming from the villages of Souillac, Surinam and Riambel.

The Centre works on exploring their childhood feelings and on developing a certain discipline in what they do, mainly through creative activities such as painting and drawing. For young children to grow up into useful members of society, to the benefit of themselves and others, Caritas believes it is very important that they receive a good education from the very beginning – and that everyone has some kind of individual, all too often hidden, talent that needs encouraging.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels is particularly happy to support the work of the Centre as Souillac is just a few miles  along the coast from Tamassa Resort, a hotel managed by  LUX* Resorts and Hotels, in the village of Bel Ombre.