A few years ago, Caritas Mauritius came to the conclusion that one of the reasons that children from very poor backgrounds often fail to succeed in school is because they have missed out on nursery education. As a result, one of the projects they initiated was to provide special support to such children aged between two and four, to better equip them to be able to enter the school system and give them a better chance of subsequent success.

The Centre d’Eveil de Mangalkan takes in children from 8.30 in the morning until just after midday. The youngsters learn the basics of socialising with others as well as learning through singing, drawing and games. They are also given breakfast and lunch, apart from anything else a way of encouraging regular attendance. 

Children are identified by members of Caritas during their house to house visits, with priority given to those who are very poor and from problem families. 30 children currently attend the centre.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels has  a special reason for supporting the centre as the Group’s own head offices are based in Floreal,  not far from Mangalkan.