Energy Management System
We’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon emissions, year on year. Our dedicated team of specialists, the LUX* Sustainability Committee, are working across the group to implement environmental and energy saving initiatives including our Energy Management Systems (EMS), Carbon Management Strategies, Laundry Reduction, and countless others. We are committed to this cause and will continue to invest in new technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. We are striving towards a brighter, cleaner future, and with Tread Lightly we’d like you to join us.


Laundry Asterix
The Laundry Asterix is LUX*’s innovative approach to reducing laundry amount across its properties, worldwide. Less laundry provides the co-benefits of reduced water and energy consumption, lower GHG emissions and operating costs. Optimising the use of water is also part of our strategy to adapt to climate change and climate variability in the locations where we operate.