Born in 1953, Jean de Fondaumière is a chartered Accountant of Scotland. He worked in Australia for eleven years and subsequently in Mauritius for fifteen year until he retired as the CEO of the Swan Group at the end of 2006.He is a past Chairman of The Stock Exchange of Mauritius and his former directorships include companies operating in the African, Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific regions. Jean holds a portfolio of directorships in Mauritius for companies operating in commerce, finance, power generation, sugar and tourism.

He was first appointed director of the company in November 2003, resigned in December 2006 and appointed director in March 2008 at which time he became a member of the Remuneration Committee of the Company. He was also appointed as member of the Audit Committee in September 2012 and as Chairman of the said Committee in November 2015.

Directorship in other listed companies : Alteo Limited, Constance La Gaieté Company Ltd, Hotelest Limited, Constance Hotel Services Limited, United Investments Limited